Galaxy triplets in the Local Supercluster

In paper Vavilova et al. (2005) “Galaxy triplets in the Local Supercluster. I. Kinematical and virial properties” we presented the sample of 176 triplet systems in the Local Supercluster with radial velocities less than 3000 km/s and considered their kinematical and virial properties.  We compared the properties of triplet samples compiled by different selection criteria and found that all properties are in good agreement.

In paper Karachentseva et al. (2005) “Galaxy triplets in the Local Supercluster. 2. Virial masses and sum of individual masses” we found that median value of individual masses (M25/L) of triplet components is  4.8M⊙/L⊙ for all galaxy types. This value does not differ significantly from the values obtained for the triplet components of other samples and samples of isolated galaxies (from 4.2M⊙/L⊙ to 4.9M⊙/L⊙). The median value of the ratio of virial mass of the triplet system to the sum of individual masses of its components (Mvir/ΣM25) for the LS triplets is equal to 7. This result suggests that the hypothesis of hidden mass located in the large individual halos explaines better the observational data than the model of common halo of the young non-virialized triplet systems of the Local Supercluster.