Comparison of isolated galaxies from different catalogs

In paper Vavilova, Melnyk & Elyiv (2009), we compared the morphological properties of isolated galaxies from different samples: Qisol (Elyiv, Melnyk & Vavilova, 2009); KIG (Karachentseva, 1973); Allam et al. (2005) and Prada et al. (2003). We found that two latter samples contain a higher fraction of the early type galaxies that can be mainly explained by the different selection criteria and primary catalog. We found a weak relation between isolation parameter and color index for Qisol sample that may indicate that even in the low dense environment the morphology density relation is observed, i.e. the role of environment is significantly noticeable.

We found four galaxies are common in the 2MIG, QIsol, and KIG samples: UGC5184 (fig. 3), UGC6121 (fig. 4), UGC8495 (fig. 5), and UGC9598 (fig. 6), that allows to consider them as most isolated objects.