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There are myriads of galaxies far beyond the Milky Way galaxy that contains our Solar System. This website is about extragalactic astronomy and astrophysics that study the Large Scale Structure, galaxy formation and evolution, and physical properties of active galactic nuclei.

This website is for anyone engaged in astrophysics-related research.

The nonprofit and noncommercial web project is aimed at sharing our research results and insights with many people around the world. Here you can find answers or suggestions to some specific problems of contemporary astrophysics.

We hope the web project can help you better understand the Universe large scale structure and its formation, galaxy and AGN formation and evolution, high energy particle distribution sources and mechanisms in the cosmic web. Also, we describe here methods and algorithms that can be useful to experts in the field.

The main research topics

Extragalactic astronomy ...

Extragalactic astronomy that deals with the Universe large-scale, multiwavelength properties of galaxies and active galactic nuclei (AGN) and dynamical properties of galaxy groups

X-ray AGN

Physical properties of X-ray selected AGN, their host galaxies and their environments

Large-Scale Structure

Universe mapping: low-density structures studies in the Local Universe, development of void identification algorithms; application of Voronoi tessellation methods for the identifications of galaxy groups.

Correlation function analysis of X-ray selected AGN.

Optical astronomy

Optical images proceeding, namely development and applying of the fitting methods for the photometry of gravitational lens in the frame of MiNDSTEp project.
Construction of numerical tool for the morphological studies of the AGN optical counterparts and searching of gravitational lens candidates in XXL field.

High energy astrophysics

Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays propagation and their spectrum formations in galactic and extragalactic magnetic fields.
Numerical simulations of electromagnetic cascades and gamma-ray emission from TeV Blazars.
Problems of how the magnetic field and Extragalactic Background Light in voids are influencing the stability of electromagnetic cascades.

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